I’ve shared all kinds of free design resources on my blog over the years but one freebie I’ve never actually made is a set of Photoshop Actions, so today I’m going to change that with this free pack of actions to enhance your photos. The set contains 14 unique actions that will transform your images with various levels of colour correction to create trendy retro, vintage or fashion style effects.

Download the photo effect actions

Photo effect previews

I’ve created 14 individual actions to produce a range of unique photo effects. Some have a classic retro or vintage theme while others result in edgy fashion style effects. Here’s an overview of each one with a before and after preview:

Red Haze

Photoshop action preview

Winter Grey

Photoshop action preview

Action Movie

Photoshop action preview


Photoshop action preview

Retro Camera

Photoshop action preview

Split Toning

Photoshop action preview

Summer Sunset

Photoshop action preview

Hollywood Blvd

Photoshop action preview

Vogue Fashion

Photoshop action preview

Strawberries & Cream

Photoshop action preview

Country Classic

Photoshop action preview

Vintage Chic

Photoshop action preview


Photoshop action preview

Forest Light

Photoshop action preview

Download the Photoshop Actions Pack

This set of photo effect actions is free to everyone. Download and unzip the package then click the Load Actions option from the fly out menu from the Photoshop Actions palette. Each action will produce a series of non-destructive colour adjustments, leaving your original photos intact.

Download the photo effect actions pack 4kb

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  1. This is awesome. I have been looking for something like this and I can’t wait to get home and try this free package.

    Perfect for my upcoming trip this week!


  2. I’m addicted to photo effects – I simply can’t get enough of them. I particularly like the Vintage Chic and Strawberries & Cream effects you’ve featured! Thanks

  3. I absolutely love all of these actions. They are fresh and useful to keep in handy for quick editing. Thank you for combining this collection & for sharing it.

  4. Chris,

    You did a really good job on this set. My wife used the Summer Sunset on a photo her friend took. The retouched image gained some attention on one of the Chinese-language sites that has a lot of users here in the States. I wouldn’t be surprised if this doesn’t show up in her own portfolio/blog.

  5. These are awesome. I especially like how most of the effects are contained in their own folder once applied. Nice!

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