I’m excited to share my latest collection of free vector textures. This set features 12 screen textures of various densities ranging from ultra fine to heavy and dark, so you’ll always be able to find the perfect level of detail in your work. Use them as backgrounds to add subtle texturing, or apply them as layer masks to erase away portions of your art to mimic authentic screen printing effects. These textures are vector graphics, which means they’re extremely versatile and can be scaled to cater for artwork of any size without loss of quality.

12 Free Vector Screen Textures

This free vector textures pack contains a full range of screen effects with an increasing level of density. With 12 textures to choose from you’re guaranteed to find the perfect amount of detail for your project.

Vector screen textures preview

Each texture comes in vector format, so not only are these resources scalable to any size, it’s also super easy to change the colour and use them without the hassle of extracting the texture from the background.

Download the free vector screen textures 25mb

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  1. Beautiful! I needed something like this a few hours ago. I’m sure I’ll use them soon. Thank you much! These are wonderful.

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