Subtle textures are always handy when you’re looking to add some detail to your design projects or to just produce a cool background for your mockups. This free set of textures features 6 high resolution files, each with subtle markings and a muted colour overlay to quickly and easily add a touch of grunge to your work.

Colored Background Textures

This free pack contains 6 2000x2400px 300ppi image files each made with a mix of fabric and paper textures and finished with a subtle colour overlay to produce a soft grunge background for your projects and mockups.

Colored texture previews

Colored texture preview

Colored texture preview

Colored texture preview

Download the free colored textures pack 20mb

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  1. Hey, Chris…I really like these! From the photoshop actions to these textures, I’ve gotten additional tools for my wife and I to use this summer.

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