I recently inherited a box of my Grandfather’s old possessions, which alongside his WW2 service books and a Great War Memorial Plaque for my great-great-uncle, also contains a number of postcards dated from the mid-1930s. As well as being treasured heirlooms, the aged paper textures of these postcards also make fantastic design resources! Download this pack of 24 free postcard textures to create authentic vintage effects for your artwork.

24 Free Authentic 1930s Vintage Postcard Textures

My family has no idea how these postcards came into my Grandfather’s possession, but they’re all from Italy and have various compassionate messages handwritten in Italian, with dates between 1934-1937. I’ve scanned and processed them to produce a pack of high resolution textures which are perfect for creating authentic vintage designs. Choose from 12 handwritten postcards or 12 blank postcards to use as backgrounds or elements within your projects. They’re all 300dpi CMYK JPEG scans with lots of grungy textures and colouring from centuries of ageing!

Download the Free Vintage Postcard Textures 24mb

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  1. This really speaks to me. Sometimes it’s hard to think outside of your own life. But everyone has or is experiencing the same world as you are. You being given this gift from your grandfather to have a peek into the life he experienced is an honoring thing:).

  2. Very nice post. I was curious, what font did you use for your opening header (“Vintage” and “Postcard” – 2 separate fonts).

  3. Thanks Chris,

    It’s so awesome that you’d share your personal collection with us for free. God bless your Grandpa and what he did for the free world.

  4. Hi Chris,
    Thank you for sharing your awesome vintage textures! Just curious, would it be possible to use these as backgrounds commercially?

  5. How fun to find these as well as the other treasured items from your grandfather. Thanks for deciding to share with us. Appreciated. :)

  6. Wow – what a treasure to have these and the other items from your Grandfather. Thanks so much for sharing them.

  7. Wow, Chris, you always have such great, stuff, and I can honestly say that the membership I pay, is worth twice the amount.
    thank you!

  8. thanks so much Chris! i love vintage textures. these are indeed unique :) i have italians among my friends, gonna make something special for them :)

  9. Chris, THANK YOU!!!!

    I am taking Sebastian’s class and this is exactly what I was looking for in one of my art pieces.

    Again, your company blows me away in your “Awesomeness”!!!!!

    Forever your fan


  10. These are great! Thank you so much. May I ask why you chose to convert them to CMYK? You limit the usability since most of photoshop’s filters won’t work in CMYK and the gamut in CMYK is so much more limited than RGB. Most of my work ends up in print, but conversion to CMYK is absolutley the last step in my workflow.

    • No reason except to cut out the step to prepare them for print. Being scans of old paper none of the colours should be out of the CMYK gamut anyway, so converting back to RGB for additional effects shouldn’t lose anything.

  11. Thank you Chris, I always look forward to your newsletters they are inspirational.
    Cheers Marg

  12. Thanks so much Chris, these textures are beautiful. I really appreciate your generosity.

  13. Thanks for the shareChris, these must mean a lot to you.
    I have followed your blog for many years and find it very helpful and inspirational.


  14. I am a digital scrapbooker. These cards will be perfect for use on heritage type layouts. Thank you so much!

  15. Thanks, Chris! Just in time when running out of creativity. I used it on my blog to greet a friend on her birthday. I hope that’s okay if I had shared it publicly.

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