I love seeing logo and brand designs that adopt the classic style of the 50’s with custom hand lettering and a mix of slogans and taglines. This style of design gives a sense of quality workmanship and is often associated with hand crafted goods or services. I’ve scoured the web for some of the best examples and created this showcase of a range of amazing logo designs that all have an authentic vintage style.

Hunter Sprague Photography by Simon Walker

Whitepenny Brand & Web Development by Simon Walker

Fuel Motorcycles by BMD Design

Picks and Axes by Aaron Scamihorn

Miller Cycles by Dan Lehman

Cruise Nite by Steve Wolf

Hook and Irons by Steve Wolf

Omneity Clothing by Steve Wolf

Hega Digital Activists by Simon Walker

The Speakeasy by Aris Goumpouros

Atlantic Flavour by Jeremy Vessey

Five 39 Co. by Jeremy Vessey

A Thing of Winder by Andrew Littmann

A Bit of Crumpet by Simon Walker

Recicla by Martín Azambuja

Automotive Business School of Canada by Simon Walker

R & B Automotive by Anthony Lane

R & B Automotive by Anthony Lane

Fast Eddie’s Barber Shop by CommonerInc

Fuel by Richie Stewart

Render by Chad Michael

Gumboot by Chad Michael

Studio You Portraits by Sean Heisler

Forged by Jeremy Teff

Captain Creative by Brad James

Saturday by Anthony Lane

Austin Cider Providers by Simon Walker

The Higher Magazine by Ole Dean

Rat City Beer Co. by Richie Stewart

Cutler-Hammer Motor Control by Rich Gustke

American Bicycle MFTG by Rich Gustke

Banger’s by The Neighborhood Studio

The Redemption by Ashley Yousling

The Tonic Sisters by Mathias Temmen

Indian Motorcycles by Sam Soulek

44 Printworks Logo by Riley Cran

Outlet by Arno Kathollnig

McFly Originals by Marc Katsambis

Static Coffee by Salih Kucukaga

Wheatlys by James Waldner

By The Horns Brewing Co. by Harry Cresswell

Nike 6.0 Motocross by Allan Peters

The Black Denim Co. by Chris Spooner

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  1. Love this collection – you have great taste. All of them look hand crafted which creates a more personal, familiar quality. You feel like the designer has put something of himself in the work rather than just picking and using a common font.

  2. These are some really great logos! My favorite is probably the “Static Coffee” logo, I really like the color combination!

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