The pure old geometric shape has been a basic tool for artists throughout history and is still used as a prominent feature by designers and artists today. These digital artists are combining shapes and lines to form detailed compositions, often mixed with elements from other artistic genres to form a huge range of individual and unique designs and styles. This showcase rounds up a huge collection of incredible geometry inspired art from the web’s most talented digital artists.

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  1. Awesome post, love those geometric shapes. Markie Darkie’s work is so damn good. But I reckon Cesar Gomez’s work is what I’d pay for…the colours are so striking and vibeful.

  2. Just gorgeous, this style is beyond my thought process, something I would love to dive into.

    Cesar Gomez has such an intense style you just get lost gazing into his Z geometry.

  3. Awesome stuff, I really enjoy geometry inspired artwork. Basic shapes carry quite a bit of symbolic meaning, and utilizing them to convey a graphic message can be very powerful, and usually produces some visually impressive results. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Hi Chris, i´ve been checking out your site for a long time, and i love it. Thanks for sharing all this tips for us. I was wondering, if you could post things relaterd with cool presentation templates, and more tutorials about refining a picture for presentation. In my case, im a industrial designer from Mexico. Thank you!

  5. I was never a big fan of this kind of art. However I can see it being effective at times. Thanks for compiling these.

  6. Really nice post :) I love the colourful ones, really refreshing. I never though that you could do such great designs with geometry. Thanks for sharing.

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