I’ve seen some insane typography related designs and artwork pieces lately, which spurred me on to create some kind of roundup post to share this inspiration with others. This post pulls together an awesome collection of over 50 inspirational typography designs to help keep your creative fire burning. Follow each link through to the designer’s portfolio or showcase website, where in most cases you can find more inspirational design gems!

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  1. About 50% of these are absolutely superb. The other 50% completely fail as typographic designs, because they’re utterly unreadable.

    If you’re designing a poster to promote something, or to pass some sort of message on, why would you make the text unreadable? That’s NOT good typographic design, in my book.

    • Completely agree on this. I was thinking the same thing as I was scrolling down. While the letters may look interesting aesthetically, if it is illegible the message is lost. What is more important, making something look good or getting the message across? Good design shouldn’t sacrifice good content.

    • “About 50% of these are absolutely superb. The other 50% completely fail as typographic designs, because they’re utterly unreadable.”

      These examples were described as ‘typography related designs and artwork pieces’. I suspect the 50% you dismissed as being poor design are the artwork pieces.

  2. awesome post chris! oh and by the way your tut on how to code a psd design rocks! I’ve implemented some of it in my site design, well I am still new on html5 hehe, check it out ^^

  3. This is a great collection Chris – thanks for putting it together. I’m going to file this one away for when I’m in need of inspiration.

  4. Chris, this is really an inspiration. I had to sit down & try a few designs myself, but I think I still have to practice when I compare it to the samples here… :-(

  5. Thanks for taking so much time to deliver such a great post. It’s great to see that there are still people out there with the talent, care and passion to produce such outstanding work.

  6. OMG how do you do these!! What program did you use? I have just started doing my Advance Diploma in Commercial Arts, and would love to learn how to do things like this :-)

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