Logo designs made in the style of line art are still a pretty popular trend at the moment, they feature simplified illustrations to produce a minimalist design. This style seems particularly common amongst outdoors themed logo designs, often including landscape scenes made entirely of lines, composed into a badge style layout. In today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial I’ll take you through the process of creating your own line art badge logo. Despite creating the whole design with just lines, we’ll still incorporate a variety of useful Illustrator tips and techniques.

How To Create a Line Art Badge Logo in Adobe Illustrator

The artwork I’ll be creating in this tutorial is a badge style line art logo design with a camping theme. It features minimalist illustrations of mountains, a camp site and a lake, all made of paths with a single stroke weight. The layout is then composed into a circular badge with the addition of arced text and decorative light rays.

Open Adobe Illustrator and create a new document, the sizing doesn’t matter because the vector artwork can be scaled to any size, but you might want to turn off Scale Strokes and Effects in Illustrator’s Preferences panel to retain the same stroke weight when the artwork is scaled, at while you’re constructing your artwork. Begin by drawing a circle on the artboard. Remove the default white fill, leaving just a black stroke.

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  1. Thank you for this tutorial. It was not something I would think of trying, and I learned a couple new things, too.

  2. I wish someone would make an extension that can use paths with the pathfinder. Seems so 90s to use the scissors to delete the lines that overlap.
    Developers, we need you here! :)

  3. I know that you are the best for all adobe illustrator tips. In the past I found a lot of important tutorials and now I got another. By following your blog my knowledge increasing day by day. Thanks for sharing with us the great tips.

  4. Wow, Many many thanks for sharing with us the great tutorial. As a new graphic designer adobe-illustrator was so hard for me. But by following your blog I can understand everything easily.

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