Access All Areas members have a brilliant collection of Procreate brushes to download this week, courtesy of MiksKS. The Procreate iPad application is a popular tool for artists and illustrators that makes use of the iPad’s sensitive display to draw directly on-screen. This useful Procreate Brushes Starter Kit contains a collection of 16 brushes from a variety of MiksKS sketching, painting and drawing sets, providing a great selection of brushes inspired by traditional media tools such as pencils, ink, charcoal and paint.


Hi! My name is Kim and since I was young I always enjoyed creating things, so a while ago I decided to open a shop on Creative Market to sell digital resources. So far it’s been an awesome experience because I’ve learned a lot about designing digital products! I spend most of my time in my studio (aka natural environment), where I create brushes for Procreate, textures, graphics elements and text effects mostly.

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Procreate Brushes Starter Kit for Members

The Procreate Brushes Starter Kit contains 16 brushes that produce a range of effects, including pencil & charcoal, paint, ink, stippling, ink splatters, watercolour, stencils and ink stamps. These brushes are compatible only with the iOS app Procreate for iPad. They won’t work in Photoshop or other digital drawing/editing softwares.

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