It’s time to kick off 2015 with more goodies for Access All Areas members. Retro Studio has kindly donated a massive pack of Photoshop Actions to style up your photos with cool effects. With 50 Actions to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Each effect can also be tweaked to your liking thanks to the non-destructive editing.

Retro Studio 500 Photoshop Actions

There’s plenty of premium Photoshop Actions on offer at the Retro Studio store, including a saving of $2500 with the 500 Actions Bundle; a compilation of 5 individual Photoshop Pro Action packs and bonus items. Check it out if you want to seriously extend your library of photo effect Actions!

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50 Photoshop Actions for Members

Retro Studio 50 Photoshop Actions

Access All Areas members can download this pack of 50 Retro Studio Photoshop Actions as part of their membership. To use them, simply double-click the .atn file to have all the effects loaded into your Photoshop Actions panel. Select an Action and click the ‘play’ button to have the predetermined effects applied to your image. Use the Render All Effects option to conveniently apply all 50 Actions, allowing you to quickly browse them all via the snapshots section of the History panel.

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  1. Having JUST DISCOVERED Actions in Photoshop, I feel like I’ve tripped across a new secret weapon to use in our design work! Most are probably aware of the AWESOME library over at but if not… CHECK IT OUT!

  2. Crying. Men tear. I can not. And so I want to learn! Thank you, Chris. I want to be friends. Alex
    Ловлю себя на мысли – отстал. Догнать, а нет учителей подобных тебе! А те, что есть, кроме “выудить” деньги – ничего не умеют. Не все, есть умницы, на подобии тебя, но их мало!
    Давай дружить, и не только по рассылке.

  3. Well, this is cool! Thank you to both you and Retro Studio!! This is an awesome collection!



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