In this week’s question time video I talk about the different image file formats available when designing websites and when you should use each one. Plus, I share my choice of font management application to help you arrange, control and sort your ever growing font collection.

This week’s questions

Bilal Khettab:
Which image format do you use most often (jpg, jpeg, png?)

Quick question for you – apologies if it has been asked before – Fonts. What tools do you use to manage yours? And is there something out there that can preview and sort into groups?

Font Explorer X Free (v1.2.3) – I’m pretty sure this is a copy of the early free version of Font Explorer X before it was made ‘Pro’. It lacks some features of the new Pro version, which can be purchased at, but it does the job as a basic font management tool.

Ask a question

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  1. Hi Chris, thanks for the advice re file formats.

    Here’s a question: where did you get that hoody from with the yellow stripe? You are a web design fashion icon.

  2. It was almost like a formula1 race car driver giving tidbits about his performance. Thanks for the tips!

  3. I used to use Font-Explorer until I found Fontcase for OSX. It has “collections” which does exactly what you need it to do. Check it out it’s damn good.

  4. While I can write CSS, HTML and know my way around PHP and Javascript, I am a much stronger front-end designer. I have worked with several outsourced programmers, and their design format of choice is Photoshop 90% of the time. While I know and love Photoshop very well, I find Illustrator is a stronger program for web designs that are mostly vector based for a number of reasons. However, programmers buck at the Illustrator file — even though it has layers, slicing and saving images for web the same as Photoshop.

    Can you tell me why 90% of web designs are done in Photoshop and why programmers hate my Illustrator files?

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