In this week’s question time I talk about what I do during lazy days, what I drink for a boost of inspiration, the difference between hand coding and using the ‘design’ view of Dreamweaver and what I enjoy doing when I go offline.

This week’s questions

  • Have you ever had a day where you wake up and you know that you are not going to get any work done today because you’re feeling lazy?
  • What’s your inspiration drink?
  • If you are making a website for someone do you hand code everything or do you use the “design” part of Dreamweaver?
  • What is your favourite thing to do offline, away from the computer and technology?


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  1. loving these and faithfully following!
    thank you for putting yourself out there.

  2. It’s great to see that I’m not the only one who has a lazy day quite frequently! And I have to agree with the point about not using Dreamweaver’s “design” mode. I think it’s important to hand code websites and actually learn HTML and CSS so you know how to fix problems when something doesn’t display correctly in certain browsers.

  3. You always create the very awesome designs. I downloaded you icons and other designs couple of times and used in my websites. Today I used your handmade icons in my blog.
    Thanks for your great work.
    I just wanted to ask you how you are handling the traffic?

  4. You are no doubt one of the world’s best designers. Its good to see you and I really liked your video.

    More videos please. You look good :)

    I love listening to the music while working.


  5. Yes, working from home is great. I think we all get those days that we need to take a break, but I really love designing and addicted to my computer, so after 10 min, I get stuck in again.

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