Earlier this week I announced the launch of my new Acrylic Design Toolkit after spending countless hours crafting it over the last few months. To celebrate the launch event, the pack was released at a special launch price of $10, before it permanently rises to $19 after 72 hours. Time is running out before this special offer expires, so if you missed the news, be sure to check it out quick and score a bargain! If you’ve already picked it up, I’d love to hear your thoughts about it. Have you managed to use any of the resources in your projects yet? Feel free to send me over any previews or examples of the artwork you’ve been making.

Acrylic Design Toolkit Design Examples

I had loads of fun playing around with the resources to create example artwork for the pack’s branding graphics. This is just a few examples of how the textures, vectors, brushes and patterns can help you create bright and colourful effects within your designs.

If you fancy trying out a sample of the resources, or if you’re looking for a way to experiment with your new tools, why not give yesterday’s tutorial a try? I take you through the process of creating a vibrant summer music festival poster using a handful of free items from the pack. You can find the guide as a written tutorial, or as this video walkthrough.

The Complete Acrylic Design ToolkitThe Complete Acrylic Design Toolkit

The sample pack gives you a good idea of what you can expect from the complete acrylic design toolkit. The full product contains a total of 17 high resolution paint textures, which are perfect for using as backgrounds; 20 paint texture patterns, which seamlessly repeat to cover an infinite area; 88 vector graphics of various paint brush marks that can be used to accompany the acrylic paint effects; 7 isolated paint brush graphics, which nicely complement the artistic theme; and a Smart PSD that allows you to apply various paint effects to your artwork in seconds.

$10 Launch Price Ending Soon!

There isn’t long left on the launch price, so take the opportunity to pick it up at a discounted rate if you fancy adding these resources to your design toolkit. I want to make sure my loyal Spoon Graphics readers get an extra special deal before the product permanently goes up to $19 on the Design Cuts Marketplace! The $10 intro price is available until Thursday May 19th at 3pm (GMT).

Buy My Complete Acrylic Design Toolkit for $19

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