In this week’s roundup of creative goodness, we have an article discussing the best practices of CSS3 techniques; a guide to properly saving images for the web; some tips for using CSS3 to style up your web forms; a fantastic Illustrator icon tutorial; and a fun website by a talented character designer.

WebDesigner Wall

As the use of CSS3 properties becomes increasingly popular in the world of web design, WebDesigner Wall takes us through some of the most stunning examples, and talks about some best practices when using enhancements such as shadows, rounded corners and transitions.

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Six Revisions

Saving images for the web might seem like a pretty basic task, but there’s a lot of technical details and useful information you might be missing out on. This comprehensive guide from Six Revisions looks at the entire process of optimising an image for web use.

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New CSS3 properties can make it a breeze to style up your HTML elements without the hassle of background images and Javascript techniques of the past. Nettuts takes a look at the process of using these new CSS3 properties in styling up a pretty web form.

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Vectips takes us through the process of designing a detailed briefcase icon in this fantastic Adobe Illustrator tutorial. Learn how to build the basic structure with simple shapes, then add gradients to bring the icon to life.

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Behind the Website

Illustrator and character designer Ricardo Gimenes has been hard at work building his awesome website Behind the Website with characterised versions of the figures behind some well known sites on the web. I had the pleasure of being featured as Chris Spooner, Master of the Design!

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  1. Nice articles, especially the css3 tutorial of webdesigner wall. And to say that IE9 might actually (finally) support css3 makes it so much sweeter.

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