This brilliant new font bundle from Design Cuts is a star buy for both beginners and design veterans. If you’re just starting out, the ability to acquire a large font library worth $2,193 for just $29 is a massive advantage. It will set you up with 16 top quality font families packed full of different weights and styles. If you’re an established designer who might already have a decent font library, this new collection still has loads to offer. Not only is the 99% discount hard to pass up, the bundle contains some expertly crafted typefaces that are great alternatives to the overused classics, allowing you to stand out from the competition.

Unfortunately this deal has now expired
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The Spectacular Type Lover’s Selection has a multi-purpose typeface for any project you might encounter. There’s a nice mix of perfectly formed geometric sans-serifs and elegant serif families. They’re all professionally designed and come with dozens of weights, stylistic alternates, hundreds of glyphs and extensive language support. $29 would usually only bag you 1 or 2 font families at their full price, so this is a great opportunity to acquire a whole collection while saving thousands in the process.

Buy The Spectacular Type Lover’s Selection for $29

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  1. I attempted to download the free stipple brushes, clicked on the link, which led me another link, which led to another link – consequently, never found any downloadable file. Was I missing something, or are other people having this same problem?

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