Designers can never have enough fonts! If you’ve ever splashed out on premium fonts before you’ll know just how much better in quality they tend to be than the run of the mill freebies you find on the web. The trouble is pro-grade fonts are usually so high in price it’s difficult to acquire a decent collection. However, there’s currently a bundle of hand-selected fonts on offer for 98% off at Design Cuts. It’s even called The Ultimate Font Fanatics Toolkit, how fitting! If you’re a font fanatic too, take this opportunity to grab yourself a great deal.

Unfortunately this deal has now expired
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The Ultimate Font Fanatics Toolkit

The regular total price for all these fonts weighs in at $1715, but as part of this limited time deal from Design Cuts you can get the whole bundle for just $29. I’ve already added these to my own font library and I can’t wait to make use of them all!

Buy The Ultimate Font Fanatics Toolkit for $29

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