One of the most useful collections of resources a designer can own is a library of vector graphics. No matter what kind of project you’re working on, there will always be times when you need to make use of a generic item. Usually you would have to manually create these peripheral elements, but having a collection of ready made items can be a real time saver. This ultimate creative vector elements collection from Design Cuts contains 1000s of various elements all in one bundle, it’s basically an entire vector library on offer for a limited time. All the items included are best sellers at their full price, so having them on sale at 90% off is unheard of!

Unfortunately this deal has now expired
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Ultimate Creative Fonts Bundle

I always like to have a collection of elements I can pick and choose from when knocking up quick personal designs. It’s handy to have intricate artwork or items that are particularly time consuming to draw and scan ready to just copy and paste into my projects. This huge bundle covers pretty much every base with elements such as:

  • Hand drawn banners
  • Floral elements
  • Various silhouettes
  • Intricate patterns
  • Detailed details
  • Tons of clip-art and other hand-drawn elements
  • Thousands of resources in total

I’ve picked out just a few samples of what’s on offer to show you in my little review, but you’ll be amazed at how many items are in the full package. These are some resources that I think are especially useful to have in your collection:

The Ultimate Banner Kit

The Ultimate Banner Kit

The classic banner is a design element that fits perfectly into all kinds of artwork, especially vintage branding or t-shirt designs. I always find myself wanting to add one to a design to emphasise a heading, but to sketch one by hand or construct one manually is a bit of a chore. This ribbons and banners kit contains plenty of styles (120 to be exact!), allowing you to quickly knock up some great looking artwork.

Handsketched Designer’s Kit

Handsketched Designers Kit

It’s always enjoyable (even for blokes!) to create pretty floral designs for wedding stationery, invitations or anything with a rustic theme. The trouble is illustrating ornamental floral elements takes considerable time and skill. Thankfully packs like this save huge amounts of time. There’s over 300 items in this set along with some really useful border patterns configured as Illustrator brushes.

Very Vintage Vector Kit

Very Vintage Vectors

With the popularity of vintage logos at the moment I find it’s useful to have a collection of precomposed files to hand that I can use to whip up a quick design. The Very Vintage Vector kit contains a load of ready made templates you can customise, as well as individual frames and illustrations that are already distressed and textured.

Vector Buildings Pack

Vector Buildings Pack

Imagine you’re creating a design and you want a city skyline in the background. It would take hours to draw all the individual buildings from scratch, all just for the sake of a background! The Lil Buildings pack included in the bundle contains 40 vector silhouettes of houses, office buildings, factories, churches, barns and castles along with 4 ready made skylines.

Loads more vectors too!

Ultimate Creative Vectors Bundle

This is just a small preview of what the full bundle contains so I’d definitely recommend checking out the full roundup. At the discounted price of $29 you only need to find one or two items that take your fancy and you’ve already got your money’s worth, plus they all come with Extended Licenses so you can safely use the elements in your own work. I think the finishing touch with this bundle is the PDF Browsing Guide that’s included, so you’ll always be able to find exactly what you’re looking for in your collection (a problem I often have when digging through my hard drive!).

Buy the Ultimate Creative Vector Elements Collection

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  1. Aww darn, the offered expired. I think these are still worth the $29 though, the links kept opening in the same tab which was a little hard to get back to your blog.

    Thanks for sharing these though, I have some uses up my sleeve for these.

  2. I missed the deal!! :( I’m a stubborn person about buying things when I know I just missed a sale haha…but these still look worth the price! Maybe they will have it again someday.

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