The key to vintage design is to have a wide range of authentic resources, that actually date from the era you need. It can be difficult to source genuine ephemera, but in this bundle has you covered! All the products in The Eclectic, Vintage Design Library have been sourced from vintage books and sources, from the past 200 years. The Lettering Library is filled with a wealth of inspiration waiting for you to rediscover and repurpose. If you’re a font lover, there is a wide collection of stand out vintage fonts that are perfect for any vintage design. Hand collected and scanned vintage illustrations are all expertly converted into a range of formats for the contemporary designer. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to access a vast library of rare vintage resources, that are made with the utmost care and quality.

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This bundle brings you more than 20 vintage fonts, an incredible lettering library, textures, decorative elements, vintage brushes, illustrations and engravings (vectorised for your needs) and handy vintage photo actions. It’s an eclectic library for any vintage design lover.

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