In this week’s question time video I talk about how freelance designers can gain additional exposure online in order to find new client work. I biggest recommendation is to be social in the design community and upload your work to share it with others.

This week’s questions

Hello Chris. My name is Fyfy. I am 17 years old and I was thinking about starting a freelance graphic design business but I don’t really know how to start, so do you have any advice?

Rhys Gerrard
Hi Chris, Just came out of a business partnership and I’m looking to go on my own. Do you have any advice on gaining new clients?

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  1. Hey Chris. You raised a great point about simply getting your work out there. Often the difference between a known designer and a relatively unknown designer is that one was more willing to expose their work to criticism than the other. I’ve found actionable feedback can be the difference between growth and stagnation, because it can help you check your blind spots.

    Even the greatest designer in the world is only the greatest in his own mind unless he’s submitted his work to the world to be tested. There’s absolutely no reason not to put your best work out there if it truly is your best. You may even find ways to make it better. Great video, Chris.

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  3. I have always admired your work and i must say you are such an inspiration! I adore your accents too :)

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