In this week’s question time video I talk about how designers can earn additional income alongside client work and I share my own experiences of making money online through my blogs, YouTube channels and affiliate links.

This week’s questions

Brent Galloway:
What are some of the best ways you personally have received clients? Also – Being a designer, what are some additional ways you could possibly bring in additional income other than client work?

Hi Chris, How do you go about making the small intro movie animations to your youtube videos? Always liked the simplicity of the revolver intro on your gaming videos.

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  1. Hello everyone, I use to make passive income by posting some graphic tutorials on a french marketplace named I think an english version is coming soon. It’s really cool because of the great community and they maintain a good level in their selections, so I just record a photoshop or illustrator, or Cinema 4D tutorial, upload it ad sell it. That simple.

  2. Hello Chris, it’s funny I’ve just written about my passive income from the last six months in my blog as well. I find if I write a blog post about how to use a certain product, for example a WordPress theme or plugin, then I’ll get a nice amount of sales through the affiliate link. Great question time – worth the triple take! ;)

    • A great post it is too, it’s good to see a nice revenue stream coming from your affiliate links etc.
      One of my most popular posts with affiliate links is my roundup of fonts every designer should own, with fonts being pretty pricey the sales are rare but quite substantial.

  3. Just come across your blogs (via Graphic Swing on Twitter) and I am gobsmacked, I just hadn’t thought a Graphic Designer could earn money via passive income, so thanks for the tips really appreciate them.
    I also love your website design.

  4. I have been submitting to iStockphoto and Graphic River for a few years now. I earn about $1800 US per month in passive income.

  5. Hi Chris: I have a typography ebook that sells through various channels, including my website. I blogged for a while until I wrote something that hit a nerve and got some traction and consistent visitors. I made the book around visitors AFTER I knew who was showing up at for what reason. The ebook did over $20K in 2011. I think the theory is simple (and I’m working to reproduce it): write to hit a nerve in a niche, then build a product AFTER your post finds it’s audience. I know a lot of people have done it the other way around and had hard time of it. I have to mention Rob C. up there – he was a huge help in getting me rolling in the right direction several years ago :) I’d encourage anyone to check out his wares.

    • I agree. Rob and Chris are two of the most helpful people I know. Well done on the sales and thanks for the nice tip!

  6. Thanks for answering my question, Chris! Great info as always! I’ve been an author on GraphicRiver for a few years now, with only 4 items published. Surprisingly I’ve earned more than expected through the site! If you can produce some quality items, this will sure enough become a small, but nice flow of income.

    Thanks again for taking the time to make these videos. Hearing from someone like you who’s been such a major inspiration for me over the past few years is great! :)

  7. I really like the subject and responses are very helpful for me. I started blogging seriously couple months and it is not to point to make any income yet, I agree with Douglas, need to find the audience. My blog is growing but not rapidly. I really appreciate if there are any other resource that you guys can refer.

  8. Thanks for the tips!
    Question related to your last post…
    I sell vectors and textures for graphics on my web site. For the last few years the process has been very manual- after I receive confirmation of payment I manually send the buyer a email link. Can you recommend any automated services that will automatically send my customer a download link upon purchase? Ideally I would like something affordable that I can integrate into my own web site.

    Philip Hepler

    • I quickly looked up some solutions to what you’re looking for, and I came across two highly recommended services: E-Junkie and DLGaurd. You have to pay for both, but they seem to offer the best link protection services. Hope that helps! :)

  9. Hey there. That question time was very helpful. Do you have any advice for a novice graphic designer on where to go online to get critiques from professionals on designs currently being worked on?

  10. Hey Chris,

    Awesome post!! I really got some valuable information here. Affiliate marketing throw blog and blog content was little new for me but it’s useful. I’m thinking to be regular with my blog. And first of all I’ll write about FONT ;)

    Thanks buddy, thanks for these awesome post. It’s really helps.

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