In this week’s Question Time video post I talk about how I charge clients for design work, what video games I enjoy playing, how I manage my tweets and due to popular request Jake the dog makes another appearance to say hello to his fans.

This week’s questions

  • Do you charge your clients on a “by the hour” basis, do you have one fixed price?
  • I saw on Twitter that you were watching gameplay footage of Call of Duty: Black Ops and just wondered, are you a video game fan? And if so, what’s your console of choice?
  • How many mentions and/or DM’s on Twitter do you get on average each day and how do you manage to keep track?
  • What is your dog’s name and make? And make sure you put him in the next one!
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  1. That was awesome as usual. Keep these coming!
    I have a question.
    Whats the most fun you have ever had on a project and why?

    Cheers Mr. Spoon

  2. He’s popular without even saying something. Im jealous aswell.

    Thanks for the rate advice! I’ve got a question aswell: How often en when do you start paying for plugins for wordpress, gallerys, jquery code and so on? Do you have examples you use and can advice to others in terms of user management?


  3. Hi Chris,

    Question for you. What education establishments (college/uni) would you suggest for someone with no qualifications in art and design?

    The reason I ask is I didn’t know I wanted to be a web designer/graphic designer until a few years back and I now have a full-time job in a cafe in Dover. I can’t give up my job but I also can’t keep working in a rubbish job when my dream is to become a designer.

    How would you handle this issue which many people have?

    • Great video Chris! Loving Jake too.

      @Oliver – I was in a similar situation and basically self taught myself in the evenings and weekends, or whenever I had a spare moment really. I used a mixture of great books and sites like this one along the way. The day I quit my job to start my own freelance business was scary but awesome and it worked out great for me.

  4. Chris,
    This video was great! Jake has such a funny personality. I worked on a contract where I was requested to be in the clients offices while crafting their designs and while there I had an office mate who was a White Haired Golden Retriever (American type), it would shed everywhere! But every time I would start coding a website for the client he would jump up on my lap and playfully bite my hand. Such a funny dog.
    Great video! Keep it up.

  5. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for including and answering my question, appreciate it. Looking forward to the next episode!


  6. Do you deal with your own accounting or do you get another company to do it?

    Will ask something more interesting next time, promise!

  7. Another awesome Question Time. Thanks Chris.

    Question for next time please – Are there any books you’d recommend for learning Illustrator? I’m aware of great tutorials on the net but wondered if there were books worth picking up too. Also, do you recommend any magazines for inspiration please?

    Great to see Jake too.

  8. Great blog, need to get some more info on the ins & outs of CS5, it’s a great new upgrade. At they are very good with it and can help you too.
    Keep up the nice work!

  9. I am deaf and I can’t understand your video. THe most important answer I would like to know if you charge by hour or fix rates. Please help me and explain to me here or email me at

    Thank u so much.

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