If you’re a freelancer or a designer as part of an agency, this toolkit is made just for you! It’s packed full of world class fonts, vectors, mockup templates, branding templates, infographics, backgrounds and more, all of which can be used in every single design project. This bundle will help you land better clients, showcase your work in style and set you up with professional legal documents. At 97% off, this is a unique opportunity to invest in your design career.

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The Complete Professional Designer's Toolkit

This bundle of items in The Complete Professional Designer’s Toolkit is made specifically for designers who want to earn a living from their creative passion. It’s an essential starter kit for anyone who wants to start freelancing, which sets you up with professional proposal templates and legal documents, along with mockup kits to present your work and a handful of premium fonts to create quality designs. Here’s just a few ways you can use this bundle to impress your clients…

Appear confident and professional with legal contracts

The Contract Guys legal contracts preview

Contracts safeguard your design work and show you’re a true professional. They outline your payment terms, ownership rights and project guidelines to help avoid those nightmare client situations. The two Graphic and Web Design contract templates in the bundle are some of the best you can get, expertly crafted by the attorneys at The Contract Guys.

Create impressive showcases of your brand designs

Mockup Zone preview

Logos aren’t just seen on computer screens, they also appear on all kinds of branded objects. Add value to your designs with these fully customisable mockup scenes of printable items. They’ll seriously impress your client and make stunning branding showcases for your portfolio.

Produce exceptional designs with professional fonts

Four professional fonts preview

There’s a reason why premium typefaces cost so much. They’re expertly designed as complete font families with perfect measurements and extensive language support so they can be used in high end projects. This bundle contains 4 corporate fonts to help you create top quality designs.

Provide comprehensive brand guidelines for your designs

Brand Guidelines preview

The client loves your logo design concept and you’re ready to send the final files. Give them the 5 star treatment by supplying a full corporate brand manual with this ready made 38 page template. The contents can be quickly changed and the colours customised to suit each project.

Design clean and consistent web interfaces

Flatilicious Icons preview

Icons are often the most difficult resources to find when designing interfaces, but with 1000 delicious icons to choose from in the Flatilicious pack you’ll always be able to find the symbol you need. They’re crafted with simplicity in mind, appearing visually readable at small sizes with a modern unison look.

Loads more mockups, backgrounds & templates included

The Complete Professional Designer's Toolkit

My review of The Complete Professional Designer’s Toolkit just features a small selection of valuable items freelancers might want to get their hands on, but the entire bundle contains loads more! There’s even more mockup kits and design templates to make use of, as well as a whole bunch of stunning background resources that I haven’t even mentioned. At 97% off the regular value of $861 it’s a perfect opportunity to acquire the kit you need to further your design career. The $29 price tag will be easily recouped when you’re landing bigger and better client projects!

Buy The Complete Professional Designer’s Toolkit ($29)

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  1. While the backgrounds, fonts and icons are not exceptionally eye-catching, the mock-ups, infographics and templates are valuable. Especially the mock-ups should work quite well for logo designers to present their work. The resume or design proposal templates are also worth considering. Overall it shall be of high value. I’m overwhelmed by the seemingly gigantic amount of materials it contains in one pack!

    • Absolutely! Those backgrounds etc are really nice resources, but they’re bonuses on top of the templates and the contracts, which are super valuable fro freelancers.

  2. Would you say the contracts are useful for use in Canada? Many of the resources I’ve come across regarding contracts are often very US specific and I don’t know how the law translates across.

    • Hi Kyle, I’m actually not too sure on that one. I don’t really know how the law translates either, but you might be able to find more info directly on thecontractguys.com website.

      Generally speaking though, I can’t imagine there would be anything specific that wouldn’t be relative to Canada or elsewhere.

  3. I’m always excited to see what’s in the the bundle having bought a couple in the past.
    Love them.

    But, this time I found the Crazy Boxes a bit off in perspective and finish. And some lacking the appropriate shadow seem to be floating.

    I was chuffed to see the Infographic Templates until I realized they require CS6.

    (This would have been a purchase for me :-(

  4. Nice tool kit for designers.

    But you can find some ready to download graphics here.

    http://smartvectorpics.com is the ultimate search engine for searching vector graphics. So far we have added close to 60K graphics and using this search engine people can search for free vectors that are available on internet.

    Daily we are adding hundreds of vectors to the site and we are growing bigger and bigger.

  5. Nice tool kits mention here. its very good information provided for Web Design. i use this information in my day to day project work.

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