Textures, patterns and backgrounds are the building blocks for practically every design project. They can instantly add atmosphere and depth to a design, or be used as the key element of your work to enhance and tie a project together. In this new bundle from Design Cuts, there’s a fantastic range of best-selling resources, from geometric patterns to gorgeous artistic textures. This stunning bundle would typically set you back $2070, but you can get all of these products for just $29 for a limited time only.

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This bundle brings you the best one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted resources that the design world has to offer. Inside you’ll find gold backgrounds, vintage papers, inky surfaces, organic patterns, real wooden surfaces, geometric patterns, watercolor elements, topographical gradients, 3D patterns, displaced textures, African patterns, star textures, winter elements and so much more. Every item comes with extended licensing, which gives you the freedom to use the resources in all your projects, including commercial work.

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