Get started with digital painting in Procreate! This is the perfect class for you if you are just getting started with digital painting or if you want to brush up your skills in the app Procreate. During this easy, fun and engaging class you will be learning by doing. You’ll get familiar with all the features and tools in the app Procreate while you create a lovely digital painting.

Digital painting for beginners

Well known for her YouTube tutorials, Art With Flo is the talented artist and host of this digital painting course. During her lessons you will learn how to use layers, work with grids, blend your colours and MORE! This class comes with a special brush pack, a sketch file, colour palette and 2 BONUS project bundles.

This new course is currently on sale at 30% off, but there’s less than a week left! Once purchased you will have permanent access, there’s no time limit for undertaking the course. All the high-quality video lessons and project assets are available to download so you refer back to them at any time. Watch the teaser video for an insight into what you will learn throughout the series of lessons.

Get 30% Off Digital Painting for Beginners

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