Vector components are the essential building blocks of a design project, which is why they’re a crucial part of the toolkit every designer needs to perform their craft. Just like the pieces of wood a carpenter uses to build a house, vector elements are the raw materials a designer can use to construct their artwork. Having a library of assets to choose from gives you a variety of styles to work with for all the different projects you encounter on a daily basis, which is why deals like the new All-Purpose Vector Supply Kit is a must-have for all tradesmen and women in the creative industries! It contains almost $3000 worth of vector products slashed to just $29 with a 99% discount!

Unfortunately this deal has now expired
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The All Purpose Vector Supply Kit

The All-Purpose Vector Supply Kit brings you an incredibly practical set of best-selling elements, including frames, florals, icons, badges, shapes, icons, silhouettes, textures, machine parts, artistic markings, sunbursts, labels, borders and more! It’s a complete solution for every designer, so whatever your next project, you’ll be able to dip into this collection and find the exact elements you need. There’s even a selection of items to suit Christmas themed designs, which is perfect timing for the projects that will be coming our way in preparation for the holiday season.

The All-Purpose Vector Supply Kit

Every single one of these popular items comes with a fully extended license, which means you can use them for client work and within your own wider designs available for resale, from greeting cards, to posters and merchandise. With such a massive discount on products that are best sellers at their regular price, it’s a great investment in the tools that will serve you for years to come.

Buy the All-Purpose Vector Supply Kit for just $29

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  1. Oh no! the bundle offer is already over :( , i only saw it today, will it be available again please?

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