Of all the different design styles, the vintage look is the most difficult to pull off, unless you have the right materials. Authenticity is the key when it comes to creating realistic vintage artwork, otherwise you end up with a fake-looking digital knock-off. Nothing replicates the charm and character of the vintage style quite like actual items from the era which have slowly aged and weathered over years upon years to produce the most authentic tools possible. However, you might not have a stack of old papers from the 19th century laying around, which is where The Essential, Eclectic Vintage Toolkit comes in. This collection of premium resources sets you up with a comprehensive range of gorgeous fonts, textures, vector graphics, and vintage ephemera, all sourced from rare items that would be very hard to come by otherwise.

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Whether you are looking to add instant vintage flair to your branding, photography, or printed designs, The Essential Eclectic Vintage Toolkit has all of your vintage needs covered with meticulously scanned illustrations, textures, templates and fonts. You can own this collection worth over $780 for just $29 with a massive 96% off, but for a limited time only!

When vintage style designs rely so much on third party assets, it’s important to consider the licensing terms. Thankfully you’re completely covered for every single item in this collection with an extended license that allows you to use any of the resources in your commercial and client work, as well as items available for sale, such as merchandise, posters, prints and more. This bundle deal expires soon and once it’s gone, it won’t be available again! If you think you might need any of these tools to create old style artwork in your future projects, be sure to secure your copy for just $29 while you can!

Buy The Essential, Eclectic Vintage Toolkit for $29

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