Design bundles like this are the most affordable way to get the best creative tools to use in your projects. As designers, we always feel most inspired when working with amazing tools at our fingertips. From vibrant florals and cute illustrations, you’ll find countless hours of fun in this collection! The 99% discount drops the $2296 price tag to just $29, making it a great opportunity to get some professional quality resources that will open up a whole world of new artistic styles to explore.

Unfortunately this deal has now expired
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The Vibrant Creative Designer’s Collection

Licensing is important when it comes to elements that form such an intrinsic part of a design, so it’s settling to know that you’re covered by extended licensing for all the products in this collection. These terms not only grant you full freedom to use the resources in your commercial client work, but also to produce prints and other saleable products. Deals like this are such good value they’re only around for a limited time, so grab yourself a copy while you can!

The Vibrant Creative Designer’s Collection

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