The Thanks Giving holiday isn’t something I’ve ever celebrated being a Brit, but the idea of giving thanks for what you’re grateful for is something we can all relate to. One area of my life I’m hugely appreciative of is the opportunity to run this website not only as a hobby but to also earn a living. All that wouldn’t be possible without my awesome friends, fans and followers who have taken the time to browse my content, so in today’s special post I give thanks to everyone in the SpoonGraphics community and share some link love to those who really stand out.

Thank you loyal subscribers

I recently ran a function to discover the top commenters on my blog. All the names that popped up are ones I certainly recognise from the comments section over the years. A big thank you goes out to the following people for being the most active subscribers, many of which are from the early days:

Thank you Twitter followers

Twitter has been my second home on the web since setting up my account back in 2008. I’ve made some amazing friends in the design community, some I’ve had the pleasure of meeting for real at the odd conference or event. There’s too many awesome people to name them all, but here’s a list of the people that communicate with me the most.

Thank you to my partners

My Access All Areas section is packed full of amazing design resources. Every item in there is of superb quality, but there’s a few people from some awesome design companies who have been generous enough to donate multiple goodies to my members, amounting to some pretty insane values. A special thank you goes to:

Thank you Access All Areas members!

A big thank you has to go out to the 2000 Access All Areas members who enjoy the content I have on offer enough to part with their hard earned cash to become a paying member and make use of the premium content I have on offer. Since the recent deal I held at Design Cuts the Access All Areas section has grown substantially. I hope the bonus design resources and tutorial source files have proved useful.

Thank you everyone!

Since Feedburner seemed to stop working it’s difficult to gain an idea of how many subscribers I actually have these days. The last reported figure is 58,683, but that bounces up and down from 5000 and 50,000 every day in Feedburner’s stats dashboard. Since setting up my email newsletter a few months ago my email subscriber count has been dramatically increasing to just over 13,000 active members. The thought of potentially over 70,000 people taking the time to subscribe to my content is amazing though, so a big thank you goes out to every single person.

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  1. Nah thank you!!! I get seriously thrilled when I see your newsletter announcing new posts. Great job mate!

  2. Thank you Chris for sharing all your great articles, exclusive deals and all around coolness. You and your partners have done an amazing job of providing great work to help me brainstorm and work on furthering my future and I am forever thankful to you.

    Best wishes to you and yours.

    Happy Turkey Day as well!

  3. Thank you for your thank you for thanking you to thank you… us.

    Well, ya see what I mean.
    See you.

    You’re welcome.

  4. Well put, Chris, and thanks on behalf of the design community at large for putting yourself and your ideas out there for us to read, learn from and enjoy. You’ve done a lot of work which has helped a lot of people, a lot of the time for free.
    That’s pretty cool.

    *Raises a glass*

    — MT —

  5. I got a mention? ha, WOAH!
    Seriously, thanks for the design help though Chris! I started with I was 15 just fiddling around on your website with cool tutorial and designs and now I am 1 year away from a degree and hopefully a job in Design.

    You helped me a heap! And for that I cant thank you enough. Cheers.

  6. U’re great person. Thanks for sharing all the great skills that you have. Keep up a good work!

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