I’ve posted loads of Photoshop brushes and textures over the years, but this is actually my first set of completely vector grungy design resources. This bumper pack contains a bunch of textures, brush strokes and spraypaint drips to distress and erode your designs whilst maintaining the scalability of vector artwork.

The vector bumper pack contains 6 grainy textures, 12 dirty brush strokes and 6 drippy spraypaint splatters to help you rough up your artwork.

Vector textures preview

Vector brushes preview

Vector spray paint preview

Download the vector bumper pack 7.2mb

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  1. Thank you for sharing these. Do you have a link to any tutorials that would teach me how to use them effectively in my designs?

  2. Thanks Chris,
    Your blog has been a great resource. I appreciate the time and effort that you invest into this.

    Best regards,

  3. Thanks for the vector pack! They’re wonderful. Now I have to learn how to use them…

  4. Hello! These vectors are very impressive, like your style. I am trying to create vectors myself, but I am far from what you got here. Can you suggest me some other collection, that you create, or something you can recommend? Thanks for all!

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