Download my new pack of textures to add detailed wood grain effects to your designs. After processing each photograph of wooden paneling to straighten and equalize the texture, the wood grain pattern was then extracted and exported as PNG files with transparent backgrounds. These PNG files preserve the details of the grain and make it easy to place the textures over your artwork. Use them to create rustic effects by using them as backgrounds, overlays, or within layer masks.

Free Pack of Wood Grain Textures with PNG Transparency

This free pack of wood grain textures contains 17 PNG images at 2000x1500px, featuring a variety of natural wood grain patterns with detailed fibres and sporadic knots. They’re ideal for adding a rustic or outdoors theme to your designs by using a texture as a background, or by distressing your artwork with a texture overlay or layer mask to add grainy details to text, photos, or illustrations.

Download My FREE Wood Grain Textures

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  1. These are so high quality that if you’d told me they were free I wood knot have believed you.

    Ahhhhhh Dad jokes.

  2. These are great. Thanks for another great freebie…will you be using it in a tutorial?

  3. Thank you so much for all you tutorials and freebies! Your products are awesome and you make the tutorials easy to follow and super fun! Keep up the freaking awesome work!

  4. I craft signs from wooden planks. These textures are awesome for pre-visualizing my projects. Thanks.

    • Ahhh no Kathy you’re barking up the wrong tree. I’m just going against the grain – taking the rough with the smooth and you saw what I did there.

  5. You guys are really rooting around for tree metaphors. Why don’t you try branching out?

  6. Thank you so much for the generous gift Chris! Stay safe and healthy out there.

  7. Awesome textures and a great bonus of some unbe-leaf-able puns in the comments as well! ;) Thanks Chris.

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