Some of my readers might know I ride my own custom bike and love the design style surrounding the motorcycle culture. I’ve been busy illustrating and constructing a bunch of vector graphics to create a free motorcycle themed logo template kit. It contains 4 retro/vintage style logo designs with editable text, which can be personalised for your own projects; 6 typographic illustrations of motorcycle helmets, again with customisable text; and a series of vector illustrations that can be used as assets in your own designs. Easily build logos, emblems, badges and t-shirt designs for custom garages, bike clubs and more!

Free Motorcycle Logos Template Kit

The download package contains customisable files for Adobe Illustrator and non-editable files that can be opened in other software such as Adobe Photoshop. The ready-made logos make use of freely available fonts to allow the text to be edited while retaining the original design style. Install the fonts Franchise, Geared, Marketing Script and Lavanderia, then personalise the titles with Adobe Illustrator’s Type Tool. Some elements are contained within Warps, which require a double-click to access the type element inside. The pack also contains a range of illustrated vector graphics with a hand-drawn appearance of various motorcycle styles, including cafe racers, bobbers, vintage bikes and retro racers, alongside a collection of different motorcycle helmets.

Download the Motorcycle Logo Template Kit

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  1. Are your freebies only for personal use? Can your templates be used for commercial use?

  2. As far as I understand all downloads are provided under CC license.
    You Can:
    •Use the resources in your personal work, in whole or part.
    •Use the resources in your commercial work, in whole or part.
    •Modify or adapt the resources to create derivative works.
    •Share the resources with others, under the following terms:
    ◦Link to the resource webpage, not the actual download file.
    ◦Use an excerpt from the webpage if necessary (don’t copy the full article and paste it on your own website)

    You Can Not:
    •You can NOT sell the resources directly for profit (eg. Selling the items on stock resource websites)
    •You can NOT create saleable items directly from a resource (Using the resources as additions to your own design work is acceptable)
    •You can NOT make the resource files available for download outside of Spoon Graphics. (Link to the webpage, not the download file)

  3. Great work , but not all the the fonts are not listed as free. Franchise is 30$ -$75. Geared, and Lavanderia are “pay what you want” Your kit is amazing though, thank you for offering it

  4. Cool! Never know when ya might need a Harley logo or something. Speaking of Harley, I have a like new HD brand leather jacket. It’s small, like for a woman. I hung up my chaps a few years back when my back got the best of me. Can’t part with my boots! Love my boots! LOL
    Thanks, Chris!

  5. Nice bike! Thanks for the graphics. I’ve been riding for a few decades now. Since I was 10 years old. I am looking for parts to do a custom build that’s been on my bucket list for a while now. Trying to get to something about 400 pounds with about the power of a 1200 V twin engine. that should curl my hair a bit.

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