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  1. Sweet stuff! Do you know if any posters or tshirts are for sale with these graphics on them?

  2. Awesome work! I have to say Steve Desert Race 1963 is my favorite, mainly because it’s not another motorcycle.

  3. I really love those grungy designs specially on rugged and masculine products like motorcycles, beer and cigars. Had a few of those projects in print and web. Most of the time clients that have those kind of products would ask for something grungy for their designs whether it be for posters, websites, logos or any design works they want me to do.

    Cool stuff as always Chris!

  4. Fantastic collection, I love Widowmaker, whilst Roadrunners reminds me of an A-ha video! Both awesome.

  5. You failed to include ANYTHING by arguably the best in the industry… Troy Lee, of Troy Lee Designs.

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