My home office is a complete mess with fairy sprinkles everywhere after creating my latest free design resource. This pack of 8 glitter patterns will help you glam up your designs and achieve realistic glittery effects in your artwork. They’re available in various colours as repeating JPEG images, a set of Photoshop Patterns and Photoshop Styles, which can be applied directly to your design elements to create a fabulous glitzy appearance!

Free Glitter Effect Patterns & Styles for Photoshop

This free pack of glitter effects contains 8 repeating patterns in JPEG, .PAT and .ASL formats. Use them as backgrounds to your designs, or glam up text and other elements by applying the Photoshop Patterns or Styles directly. Load the .PAT file via the Load Patterns option of the Patterns menu, then apply the glitter effects using the Fill tool or the Pattern Overlay option of the Layer Styles window. Alternatively, install the .ASL file under the Load Styles option of the Styles menu, which then allows you to apply preset glitter effects to your Photoshop layers with a single click.

Download the Free Glitter Effect Patterns 35mb

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  1. Wow Great!!! What does the font did you use on that example btw? And where I can download it?

  2. As a designer with a 6 year old daughter, I must say thank you for these. She already loved what I do for a living, now I’m going to practically be a superstar.

  3. Absolutely great glitters! I am new to Photoshop and with all these wonderful gifts you offer it will make the learning process even better.

  4. Thank you! These are absolutely gorgeous! I like the glitter look, but I do not like glitter so these are just perfect!

  5. These are great Chris – I love glitter! I was looking for exactly this a month ago.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Chris, you’re amazing! Thank you so much! Greetings from Argentina! *waves*

  7. Another “can’t wait to play” treat!
    Thank you so much for the resources
    (and expert tuts), your emails make my week!

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