Bristly brush strokes are great for creating distressed designs with a hand made appearance. I’ve posted plenty of Photoshop brushes in the past, but I haven’t shared much in the way of Illustrator brushes, until now! Download this free pack of 24 vector brushes for Illustrator. Each brush stroke can be used as either a standalone graphic in your designs or applied with the Brush or Pencil tool to add rough texturing to your artwork.

Free vector dry brush strokes

This free set of dry brush strokes contains 24 vector graphics and a complete brush library for Illustrator. They were made by manually painting whispy strokes with a paintbrush then the results were scanned and vectorised to create useful vector resources. These kinds of brushes are great for creating authentic hand painted effects in your artwork. Apply them with the Brush tool to quickly freehand textured highlights and shadows in your illustrations.

Download the free vector dry brush strokes 2mb

Want more? Check out these great Illustrator Brush products

The following resources cost a little money, but I definitely recommend checking these high quality Illustrator Brush products out. Each one contains tons of vector brushes.

105 Illustrator Paint Stroke Brushes

105 Illustrator Paint Stroke Brushes


⭐ Get 20% off at RetroSupply with the code SPOON20


⭐ Get 20% off at RetroSupply with the code SPOON20

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    • Definitely! I’ve only recently discovered how useful Illustrator brushes can be. I’ll share some tips on how I use them to texture your vector illustrations soon.

  1. Hi, I’m wondering if it’s okay to use your Freebies in prints on things that are sold on society6 and similar sites?

  2. Chris, I appreciate the brushes being made available. I tried opening them but I’m in version CS4 of the software, and I cannot get the brushes to appear.

    When I try to open the brushes, I keep getting a message saying the brushes were made in a newer version, do I want to open the file anyhow?

    I click on ‘yes,’ but then the brushes don’t appear in the brushes palette – the title of the brushes appears (“vector dry brush strokes – brushes”) but the palette itself is empty.

    Is there anyway you could provide a set of these brushes that is compatible with version CS4? If not, don’t worry about it. I realize these are being provided for free and on your own time.

    I was excited about these, I was going to give them a try in some new vector drawings I’m currently in the middle of.

  3. Thanks for your amazing resources, the whole site has provided some fantastic inspiration and CPD

  4. Thank you Chris! Much appreciated!!! I rarely use or make Ai brushes, so I can’t wait to start working with them! :)

  5. Thanks so much Chris. These are VERY FABBY… Going to share them with my Photoshop Community now ~ The link that is! ;)

    Have a great week. ~Roz Fruchtman

  6. Awesome :) With brushes like these, a few packs pretty much carries you a long ways! Thanks a lot for sharing. There’s not enough dry vectors in the world!

    A few weeks ago I shared some dry vector brushes myself for free available here

    I hope I don’t come off like I’m trying to drive people away or anything, just more to add to the arsenal for free :) Feel free to remove the comment if it’s the case!

  7. Thanks Chris, just bought a Copy on the cheapm of Ai CS6, and want to start learning Media Design, coming from a STREET GRAFFITI background, and some web Design over the years, but never illustration, so this will be the 1st Brushes I add & USE after a TONNE of VIDEO TUTORIALS!

    Cheers Mate,
    WEBelious @Code_Collective

  8. Hello Chris, thank you for sharing. I’m starting to use and learn Photoshop, can you tell me how to install them?

  9. Thanks for the resources. I love coming here and getting a little inspiration and some useful tools.

    Keep up the good work.

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