I have a new free download for everyone this week that will help you create some really cool sci-fi and tech themed designs. These 12 spheres are made in a variety of different abstract styles, resulting in detailed graphics that work perfectly as planets and stars, microscopic organisms, or high-tech illustrations in your artwork. They’re all 100% vector, so you can open them in Adobe Illustrator and scale them to any size, making them extremely versatile for use in all kinds of print and web based projects.

12 Free Abstract Vector Spheres

These 12 free abstract spheres all have a unique appearance. Some are made up of hundreds of tiny shapes that are perfectly arranged into a 3D sphere, others look almost furry with an array of irregular lines. There’s no specific use for these graphics, but there’s plenty of projects where they could be a real asset. Sci-fi posters, high-tech album covers or depictions of microscopic organisms and scientific elements are just some types of projects that could feature such artwork.

Download the Abstract Vector Sphere Graphics

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  1. wow ! amazing ! i’m still wondering how you do the process ! thx a lot for sharing all this ressources and your skills ! greetings from france.

  2. Thanks, Chris! Sometimes when I am in a hurry, I may not have the time to say thanks when I download your resources (sometimes, just plain lazy) but please don’t think Im not grateful. I really do appreciate you sharing them with us. Cheers, mate!

  3. Hey, sweet work! Can you post a Tutorial for this? I saw one at Behance once – but i think, there is a better way to explain :)

  4. Cat hairball art! LOL These are awesome! I, too, would be interested in how these are made. Thank you, sir!


  5. These remind me of my phone’s old lock screen that I adored. Gotta love dandelions. Thank you for sharing!

    PS- loving the new font.

  6. This is such a nice article and the graphics are amazing. Thank you for sharing it and keep sharing informative blog like this.

  7. Hi Chris, these look like they’d be fantastic—but, I have CS5 and am unable to open these wonderful graphics as .ai files. Is there any way you can save them down to an older version for us slow pokes!?

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