Textures with lots of detailed grainy speckles are my most-used type of texture resource. They are useful for adding subtle texturing to backgrounds, or for giving text and objects a letterpress style ink stamp effect. The textures in this collection are actually the same ones I used in my Free Ink Stamp Texturizer kit, but reprocessed to create seamlessly repeating graphics. Inside you’ll find 10 2000×2000 300ppi textures in JPG format, PNG with transparent backgrounds, and a Photoshop PAT file so the textures can be conveniently used within Pattern Overlay layer styles and adjustment layers.

10 Free Seamlessly Repeating Grainy Speckle Textures

Download my free collection of 10 seamlessly repeating grainy speckle textures to add interesting effects to your artwork. These versatile textures can be used in so many different ways, especially with them being supplied in three popular file types. For Photoshop users in particular, the Pattern library opens up all kinds of uses with the Fill tool, Pattern Fill adjustment layer, or Pattern Overlay layer style.

Download my Free Grainy Speckle Textures

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