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Video Tutorial: Adobe Illustrator ‘Futuristic Gradient Speed Lines’ Text Effect

I’m not entirely sure what to call the text effect I’ll be showing you how to create in this Adobe Illustrator tutorial, but it’s the kind of futuristic text style you might see on old VHS tapes, old sci-fi movie titles, or maybe even classic sports or tech brand logos. The best name I can come up with is ‘futuristic gradient speed lines’! The process of creating this effect is quite simple, but it includes some must-know techniques that can be applied to all kinds of projects in Illustrator. I’ll first show you how to permanently apply the effect to some text but stick around to see an alternative method that keeps the text editable.

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Video Tutorial: How To Create a Vintage Movie Title Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

In today’s video tutorial I’ll show you how to create a vintage movie title text effect with the help of Photoshop‘s 3D tools. This style of classic film titles is reminiscent of old black and white movies from the 20s, 30s and 40s. Most of the hard work is done by Photoshop’s 3D functionality. Just some configuration of the settings is all that’s required to produce the three-dimensional effects and the chamfered text face, along with low key lighting and shadows.

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Video Tutorial: Easily Create Retro Landscapes with an 80s Aesthetic

Today’s video is a reproduction of last month’s written tutorial on how to create your own retro landscape scenes with the help of a huge 80s inspired toolbox named NeonWave. Sci-fi landscape scenes featuring Tron-style grids, mountain scenes, and a vibrant sunrise is a popular aesthetic that is associated with art and design from the 80s. The artwork I will be creating in this tutorial has been made using just a handful of items from NeonWave. I’ll show you how to compose the elements, produce complementary elements from scratch, and apply the all-important lighting effects directly in Photoshop.

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Video Tutorial: Retro Text Effects with Adobe Illustrator’s Blend Tool

Follow along with today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial to create a simple but effective text effect with somewhat of a retro vibe, featuring stacks of text elements that are progressively spaced further apart. It reminds me of the kind of design you might see on an old VHS tape box or an ad for an 80s technology brand. Illustrator’s Blend Tool will be used to create the basic effect, but I will also show you a trick to alter the spacing of the text with a cool easing effect and show how variations of the artwork can be created by combining different combinations of solid and outlined text styles.

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Video: How to Create a Retro Style Badge Design in Illustrator

In today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial I’m going to show you how to create a retro badge style logo design featuring a simplified vector skull illustration and text elements that follow the circular outline of the badge container. To create the badge logo design, we’ll first start by drawing the vector skull illustration using basic shapes to give the artwork a stylised appearance. I’ll then show you some useful tips for creating Type on a Path effects, which are particularly handy for constructing classic badge layouts like this.

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Resize vs Resample: How To Properly Change Image Size and Resolution in Photoshop

Resizing an image sounds like one of the simplest things you could do in Photoshop, but there are actually some common mistakes you should avoid. If you’re a professional designer or photographer, it becomes complicated when you need to factor in print size and resolution. In today’s video, I’ll cover the basics of resizing an image in Adobe Photoshop, and explain when you should (or should not) choose the Resample option instead. This is crucial technical knowledge every Graphic Designer or Photographer should know to avoid some costly mistakes or ugly prints.