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Photoshop AI Generative Fill – How To Get & Example Uses

No doubt you’ve seen some mind-blowing examples of Photoshop’s new AI-powered Generative Fill feature! Today I’m going to show you how to access it yourself in Photoshop Beta and share some examples of ways you can make use of this magical new technology to enhance your images. Stick around until the end because I really put it to the test with some surprising results!

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Double Exposure in Midjourney, Is It Better Than Photoshop?

With the advent of AI, the process of creating the double exposure effect has become so much easier. Not only do we not need a camera. We don’t even need any source images because AI tools like Midjourney can conjure them itself! So let’s see how powerful Midjourney is at producing double exposure images and see whether it replaces Photoshop and even the original analogue film method.

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Kittl’s NEW AI Tool Shows How AI Can Be Used in Real Creative Projects

So far in my journey of exploring the capabilities of AI I’ve just used it to create fun images, but the new AI tool in Kittl gives an exciting insight into how AI can be incorporated into design software and used in real creative projects. See it in action as I easily create a cute T-shirt with an automatically generated character illustration and preview the design with Kittl’s built-in mockup library.