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  1. So are you saying all the images in the showcase are all 3D rendered? I’m really amazed by the details, lighting, reflections and shadows. What even wows me are the rendered wires and circuits… How could those be so real? But seeing the CG in Hollywood films, impossible is nothing. Stepping into the 3D world is hard. Having the determination is even harder. Probably I’ll never create something great like these.

    • That was my exact response when I first discovered this kind of artwork. It’s also why I made sure to include the WIP shots too, otherwise you would think they were photos!

    • Hey William

      Never say never, especially considering that the process to creating this artwork isn’t all that difficult. The issue like with all creative work is a great concept. I haven’t been in the 3D world for long but I am featured here (thank you Chris). So if you want to do it, don’t let the work scare you, let it inspire you!

  2. The signs are really awesome with all the little details. I have never seen such 3D neon signs and I thought they were pictures, but I was wrong.
    Thanks for sharing! :)

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