Back in the Six Months of Blog.SpoonGraphics post I mentioned that I would like to find out a little more about the readers of the site. I've always been amazed at the diverse spread of visitors to the site from around the world so I've come up with this little community project for a bit of fun. Regular visitors may remember Frankenspoon, a downloadable free paper toy. It seems old Frankenspoon has proved quite popular after receiving many nice comments and messages of praise so I thought it would be great to combine him with this experiment. The aim is to have as many people as possible download and create their own Frankenspoon and then place a tagged photograph of him on the Flickr Map, let's see how many cities and countries we can cover across the globe!

The Frankenspoon World Tour is a fun little project aiming to bring together a global community through design, craft and creativeness; three characteristics I imagine the readers and visitors of Blog.SpoonGraphics share.
Each photograph submitted to the map should include the paper toy; Frankenspoon. How imaginative the shot will be is up to you! Top marks are awarded for originality, humour and the inclusion of famous locations and landmarks.
Every so often we'll feature a couple of outstanding entries with a short profile and link back to the creator.

Check the latest progress of the map by searching for ‘Frankenspoon‘ on the Flickr Map

Let's see if we can take over the world by creating as many dots as possible tagged as Frankenspoon on the Flickr map. The experiment is to discover how diverse the Frankenspoon World Tour Flickr Group can become.

Anyone who is up for a little fun with a spare 20 minutes can download their own paper toy, and submit their photograph to the world map. Spread the word to your friends and colleagues to help promote the project and gain a variety of entrants.

Photograph your paper toy anywhere on earth (or even further afield if you get the opportunity!), indoors or outdoors, daytime or night… the choice is yours!

So, you're up for the challenge?! Simply follow the next few steps:


Download and create your free Frankenspoon Paper Toy.


Photograph your toy in your chosen location, be creative, have fun.


Sign up or Log In to Flickr. Upload your photo and enter your description followed by:

<a href=””>Join The Frankenspoon World Tour</a>


Don't forget to Tag it with the word 'Frankenspoon'.


Join the Frankenspoon World Tour Flickr Group and submit your photos to pool.



Add your photograph to your chosen location on the Flickr Map by heading to Organize and selecting the Map tab. Browse the map and drag your photo into position.


Your photographs will now be visible along with all the other geotagged photos from across the globe by searching for 'Frankenspoon'.

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