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  1. totally inspiring, I’m a huge collage lover, something to check out, a bit older, but Karel Teige has awesome designs, also James Knowels. I have to mention , I just discovered you & I’m amazed, thank you for sharing your knowledge & all the free stuff :))

  2. I really love those photos, my favourites are “Toasted” and “Starry night”. Lately I’ve been thinking about doing collages and this inspired me a lot, thanks :)

  3. Great finds! And large enough to get the full in-your-face effect. Surrealism is still alive and well.

  4. How cool! I love all of these! Eduardo Recife is still creating some cool works. Though not exactly a collage artist, Maggie Taylor has some kooky art! She collects odd objects then employs them into her works.
    This has me wanting to check out each and every artists to learn all I can! Thank you!

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