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  1. Thanks for this mouth-wwatering collection Chris.

    It often intrigues me when the design for a product is so far removed from expectations that it just doesn’t speak the product.

    I’m thinking of Le Chat. Apart from the bottle shape it has none of the usual signifiers to anchor it as a beer.

    Does this make it clever, unique, special? Or does it present a barrier?

    For me the jury is out: it looks great but does it work?


  2. Chris, thank you for these. Lots of great inspiration here. These guys obviously worked hard on these and it shows. I can’t pick a favorite but I will say when I saw the Otto bottle it really struck me. Some of the other designs are much more complex and “cool” so to speak, but something about Otto just makes you go “wow”. Even though, I still don’t think I can say I have a favorite. I’m not sure how my brain reconciles those two thoughts…

  3. It’s a very interesting collection. You should check “Sovina” bottles, it’s an arthesanal beer from Ponte de Lima, Portugal. They have a really interesting design.

  4. Thanks for sharing your designs they are all pleasant to the eye but Otto and Shipwreck stand out according to me!

  5. I work part time in a craft beer pub and concur, craft beer is a revolutionary shift in favour of design. And tastes superb.

    Nice round up, Chris. Inspiring!

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