Retro Style Geometric Lines Artwork

I have a brand new video tutorial for you today based on one of my popular posts from 2011. This time we’re going to play around with Illustrator to create some retro style geometric lines that interweave and loop around each other to form an intriguing composition, which kinda reminds me of a crazy scalextric track! We’ll use the power of Illustrator Art Brushes to create the effect, then we’ll switch over to Photoshop to add some finishing touches to texture and distress the design to give it that awesome aged look.

Download the paper background texture and my free Dust & Scratches textures to follow along with this tutorial.

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  1. Finally, somebody that gets me. I have been looking for something like this for two years now and haven’t found anything decent.

  2. You da best! I am just getting into graphic design to supplement my non-profit outreach work. So, I really appreciate the how-to knowledge sharing.

  3. I always wondered how this was done – now I know and will now save me hours next time this effect is needed in my designs…!
    Cheers Chris

  4. This is the handy tutorial.. You always doing something different and creative Chirs.. Hats off for your time and effort to share with us!

  5. When I get ready to take on Illustrator, this is the first tutorial I am going to try! LOL This is very cool! Thank you!


  6. Hi there!
    It’s a really great tutorial. I just had a problem with the overlapping of lines whenever I would add a new line to the corner. I tried sending it backward but it still overlaps. I need your help, Master Chris :(

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