Talented hand letterer Tom Chalky is back with another donation of one of his premium fonts for Access All Areas members. Rivina Brush is a neat hand lettered font that looks great when combined with watercolor textures. To help you achieve this popular style, this fonts comes with 30 bonus watercolor textures in PNG and Photoshop Brush format, allowing you to create beautiful and realistic typography.

Tom Chalky

Tom Chalky is a passionate hand letterer who loves creating hand written / drawn fonts. His store is full of stunning fonts, ranging from elegant scripts to strong slab serifs. Many of his fonts are designed as part of a family, where each individual typeface perfectly complements the other styles to allow you to create interesting type combinations in your designs.

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Rivina Brush & textures for members

Rivina Brush font

Rivina Brush is now available for Access All Areas members to download as part of their membership, alongside all the other resources, including another beautiful font by Tom Chalky named Abbie Script. Rivina Brush comes as both TTF and OTF font files and includes 30 watercolor textures in PNG and Photoshop Brush format to help you achieve realistic hand lettered typography in your digital designs.

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