The Go Media Arsenal contains some unbelievably detailed artwork. One of the most stunning is the Heraldry vector pack with it’s mix of dragons, lion, shield and eagles. Go Media have kindly donated their premium Heraldry vector pack to Blog.SpoonGraphics Access All Areas members.

The Heraldry pack is one of the hottest sellers in Go Media’s Arsenal, which is no surprise when each of the 25 items in this pack is built with such precise linework and extreme detail.

Heraldry vectors preview


Heraldry preview

Heraldry preview

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  1. Wow these are so great. It’s too expensive for me to become premium member, but I wanted to leave this comment anyway. Seems to be a really great package (=

  2. @Yoosuf, @Salim, @Multiwp, @Jan, @Christopher – The site is still updated with the same free content as always. If you don’t want to become a member just skip the topics from the premium category.

    Remember it’s not just this one post you get access to, as of today here’s what you can get your hands on for $7:
    – 9 tutorial source files
    – A free premium WordPress theme.
    – 25% discount on WordPress themes from WooThemes.
    – 15% discount on vector packs from Designious.
    – 3 free premium vector packs.
    – 25% discount on design resources from GoMedia.
    – 2 free premium high-res texture packs.
    Plus all the upcoming premium content for the duration of your membership.

    I hope that clears up some confusion.


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