There’s a lovely new font now available for Access All Areas members to download, courtesy of the talented graphic designer Sam Parrett. Brother Nature is a bold paint brush font with bags of style. Great for attention grabbing header text, advertisements, apparel designs, logos and much more. Its character set is all caps for maximum impact and includes a full set of numerals, punctuation, currency glyphs and some alternate characters.

Sam Parrett

Sam Parrett is the UK based graphic designer behind Set Sail Studios, a design collective dedicated to providing high quality digital resources for the creative community. The Set Sail Studios store is stacked full of expertly designed fonts, templates, textures and graphics, including a range of popular handmade brush and marker typefaces.

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Brother Nature Font for Premium Members

Brother Nature font

Sam Parrett’s Brother Nature font is now available for Access All Areas members to download as part of their membership. It’s a bold handmade brush script with high stroke contrast, giving it plenty of attitude! Its irregular outlines give it an informal character while helping it work great when combined with watercolour textures to achieve authentic painted text effects.

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