Access All Areas members have a great set of experimental textures to download this week, courtesy of Aksel Larsen from AL’s Design Studio. These glitch halftone textures feature heavy digital distortion to produce a series of complex images that can be used as interesting backgrounds to your designs, or to apply glitch effects to your artwork. There’s 36 files to choose from, each with a unique appearance. At a size of 4960x7016px with 300ppi resolution they’re incredibly detailed and suitable for even the largest of print design projects.

AL's Design Studio & The Dusty Inklab

Aksel Larsen is the freelance designer behind AL’s Design Studio and The Dusty Inklab, two design resources stores where you’ll find a variety of original texture packs and useful tools to help you create worn out and vintage style artwork. Every item has been lovingly made by hand in his Denmark based design studio using real materials to produce original and authentic design tools.

Find out more about AL’s Design Studio

Glitch Halftone Textures for Members

This pack of glitch textures contains 36 extremely high resolution images in BITMAP TIFF format, which produces a detailed halftone appearance while also giving you the ability to change the colour of the texture directly in Adobe Illustrator. Originally these textures were pictures taken around Aksel’s flat, but special treatment generated heavy distortion until they’re no longer recognisable, resulting in a range of unique assets you can use to create stunning designs.

Download this file

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  1. Oh, how cool! I’m already thinking of idea in which to use them!
    Thank you, Aksel! Checking out your sites!
    Chris, thank you!


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