Access All Areas members have a great new brush pack to download for Adobe Illustrator, thanks to Guerillacraft. The 1950s Artist Brush Pack contains 19 seamless pattern based brushes and 20 art brushes to help you create vector paintings and line art. Inspired by 1950s illustration, these brushes are made by hand using ink, old brushes and finger-smudging, scanned in high-resolution, cleaned up and turned to vector tools.

Matej Ilcik is the freelance illustrator, graphic designer and vintage lover behind Guerillacraft, a design resources store full of useful products that help you create trendy distressed effects within your artwork. There’s an incredible selection of tools for Adobe Illustrator fans, including brushes, vectors and styles.

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1950s Artist Brush Pack for Premium Members

The 1950s Artist Brush Pack contains a total of 39 high quality brushes for Adobe Illustrator. Guerillacraft brushes are constructed to infinitely repeat, so they can be applied to paths of any length without the brush texture being stretched to fit. Open Adobe Illustrator and find the Brushes panel. Click the Load Brushes icon and navigate to the downloaded brush file to import the tools into your own project documents.

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  1. I’ve always associated GuerillaCraft with quality, so, it comes as no surprise that THESE ROCK!
    Thank you, Matej and Chris!


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