I’ve been busy drawing and tracing various vector graphics in order to create a comprehensive logo & icon kit for my latest free design resource. The Wilderness Survival Kit is a collection of 60+ vector graphics and 7+ ready made editable logo templates based on the popular theme of the great outdoors. Easily build logos, emblems, badges and t-shirt designs for all kinds of outdoor pursuits such as camping, fishing, scouting, hunting and bushcrafting.

Free Wilderness Logo and Icon Survivial Kit

The Free Wilderness Logo & Icon Survival Kit contains 60+ vector graphics of various outdoors themed items such as:

  • Wild animals
  • Tents & Campfires
  • Axes
  • Trees & Forests
  • Knives & Tools
  • Mountains
  • Bows & Arrows
  • Antlers & Paws

Copy & Paste these elements to easily build outdoors themed designs of your own. Also included is 7+ ready made logo and badge templates that can be used as a base for your own identities or customised directly. In order to edit the ready made logo templates you’ll need to grab these free fonts: F25 Executive, Snobhandscript, Rio Oro & Montserrat.

Download the free wilderness logo & icon kit 3mb

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  1. Hi man! Have I told you’re the best guy I’ve ever seen? If not – you are the REAL MAN (0=

  2. These are so fun! Thank you for the wonderful art and great resources. Really appreciate the links, very considerate.

  3. Hi! these are awesome! Just one question. Are these also for commercial use?

  4. I’m planning a revamp of my beloved one’s fishing website so these have provided some much needed inspiration (and way better artwork than I can muster) so many thanks Chris!

  5. so great Chris! it’s just amazing you’re offering all these stuff for free..!

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