I had lots of fun producing my free pirate themed vector graphics pack a few months ago. Recently I’ve been indulging in western movies, which inspired me to create a variety of assets for a Wild West graphics pack to share with Spoon Graphics readers. Use these ready-made illustrations and editable logo templates to quickly produce cowboy themed design material, such as invitations, brand emblems, t-shirt designs and more!

My free Wild West Graphics Pack contains 13 vector illustrations, available in a vintage etched art style with and without a white background, plus mono versions with a solid fill colour. 4 ready-made logo templates are included to provide some examples of how the assets can be combined to produce cool designs. Customise these templates directly by editing the text, or compose the individual elements to construct your own designs for t-shirts and western themed brand identities.

The assets are supplied primarily as Adobe Illustrator AI files, but an EPS document is included for use in other vector editing software (or to rasterize in Adobe Photoshop). While the individual vector items are fairly universal, the logo templates are designed to be edited with Adobe Illustrator. Use the Type tool to edit the text, or Ungroup the elements to swap and replace any pieces to further customise the layouts. In order to retain the appearance of the ready-made logo templates you’ll need to grab the free font named ChunkFive.

Download My Free Wild West Vector Graphics Pack

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  1. As many others have asked on various of your “freebies”:
    What exact licensing do you convey with your gift?
    I believe in respecting the artists wishes and acknowledging their work by adhering to their licensing terms, but cannot do so without clear terms.
    Please place license terms with each “freebie” to clear this confusion.
    We simply cannot risk an offense against creative rights.
    Thank you for your wonderful tutorials and assets.

    • Dan, I think this is what you are looking for: https://blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/legal
      The onsite link is at the lower right of the homepage.

      Free Design Resources
      The downloadable resources supplied on Spoon Graphics are freely available for use in your personal and commercial design projects. However, under the Creative Commons licence they are released under there are limitations to what you may or may not do.

      YOU CAN:
      Use the resources in your personal work, in whole or part.
      Use the resources in your commercial work, in whole or part.
      Modify or adapt the resources to create derivative works.
      Share the resources with others, under the following terms:
      Link to the resource webpage, not the actual download file.
      Use an excerpt from the webpage if necessary (don’t copy the full article and paste it on your own website)
      YOU CAN NOT:
      You can NOT sell the resources directly for profit (eg. Selling the items on stock resource websites)
      You can NOT create saleable items directly from a resource (Using the resources as additions to your own design work is acceptable)
      You can NOT make the resource files available for download outside of Spoon Graphics. (Link to the webpage, not the download file)
      A credit or attribution to Spoon Graphics is not mandatory, but is very much appreciated. This website relies on a constant flow of web traffic to be able to provide free content. It’s not always convenient to add a credit or attribution to your design work, but there are alternative options:

      Link to Spoon Graphics from your website or blog.
      Spread the word about Spoon Graphics on social media.
      Use the ‘share’ buttons to recommend a page to others.

      • Thanks for highlighting those terms Margaret!
        I’m actually pretty relaxed about how my resources are used. I understand how useful free design resources can be, so I’m happy for them to be used in all kinds of projects, including saleable items (my terms say a resource should be used as part of a wider design, but I wouldn’t hunt anyone down who has copy/pasted an asset onto a t-shirt design).
        I keep meaning to add a terms file to each download file/page, but there’s hundreds of them!

  2. I love these — [Especially the stallion!] Lots of versatility and inspiration. Many thanks for sharing!

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